Learn to start a blog to help seniors with dealing with social security

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In today’s world, almost everyone has a family member or a close family friend who is a senior citizen depending on Social Security. Helping them navigate the system can benefit the entire family.

Writing a blog to help senior citizens work with the Social Security system may be one of the best ways to help. The two most important things to remember when starting a blog are to know your audience, and to know your issue.


Know your audience.

In this case, your audience is senior citizens who are eligible and probably receiving at least some of their Social Security benefits. Consider the ways that seniors use the Internet, and why they use the Internet.

According to a 2014 study by Pew Research, 53 percent of seniors use the Internet to research health concerns. This may mean that you need to include a special section of your blog for healthcare as it relates to Social Security.

It is common to include links to social media in your blog. However, seniors use email more often than they use social media. While you may still include social media links, an email link and up to date email newsletter will probably be more important.

Finally, consider other factors relevant to the lives of many seniors. Many are actually still working, even though they receive social security benefits. Many have aging parents for whom they care. A few may be retired and living in motor homes traveling the country.

As you navigate Social Security issues, bring to the forefront the issues and aids that are most relevant to the lives of your audience.

Know your issue.

Like knowing your audience, you cannot write a blog without understanding your topic. Understand what benefits seniors are entitled to. Understand what they are supposed to receive and at what time. Understand what factors may be preventing them from receiving these benefits.

Keep your blog informative. Whether you are angry or excited, try to keep your tone as neutral as possible. If you are trying to help seniors, you will be most helpful if you provide them with the information they need in a way that helps them get the aid they are entitled to receive.

If your site helps someone receive benefits that they previously had not received, you may want to write an article about it and post it on your blog. This will serve as inspiration and as marketing. You can also include such a story in an email newsletter.

Include links in your blog. These links can lead to government websites, Social Security forms, and relevant news articles. For example, consider including a PDF tax form and a tutorial on how to account for Social Security income when filing taxes.


Maintain the comments and email newsletter.

The comments section of a blog and an updated email list are crucial to any successful blog. They are particularly important when you are trying to start a blog to help people.

Users will want to ask questions. Someone may need some additional assistance after you post an article, or someone may be new to your site and not know where to start.

It is important to respond to the comments after you post a blog article. Some comments obviously do not warrant a response. Occasionally, however, people will ask for clarification or ask follow-up questions. You will build rapport with your readers and be more helpful if you respond to these comments.

Your email newsletter will keep people interested in your blog even after they leave your site. Additionally, email is the preferred form of online communication for seniors. You can send individual blog articles in emails. You can also send email updates that inform people about how many people have been helped by your blog.

If you send helpful information through an email newsletter, someone may forward it to another senior. In this case, you now have another reader and you have assisted another senior.

Know the logistics of blogging.

Once you are ready to start writing, you need to select a blogging platform and a domain. A blogging platform is a website such as WordPress or Blogspot. You can set up a free account with these websites and start your blog within minutes.

Once you have selected your platform, you need to select a domain. Most platforms will offer you a free domain if you include their website name in the domain name. For example, WordPress will offer you for free. If you want your own domain, such as,, you can link it to your blog for a small fee.

You will also need to select a template for your blog. The platform will usually offer you a wide variety of templates from which to choose. Often, you can select a straightforward template for free, or a more elaborate one for a fee. Generally, the templates are the most expensive part of the blogging process. However, a free template should be sufficient in the beginning.

Once you have selected a platform, domain, and template, you can customize the template to fit your specific needs. Finally, you can start writing!


Starting a blog to help seniors navigate Social Security can be one of the most useful ways to benefit seniors. If you understand the needs of your audience, and if you are able to navigate the Social Security system yourself, you can successfully help people get the benefits that are in their name.



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