The Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Over 50s

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Perhaps you’ve passed a certain age and are looking to travel at a gentler pace. Perhaps you’re at the age where you feel settled but do not wish to settle. Put plainly, perhaps you’re over 50 and are looking to get away. It can be difficult to find a location that isn’t bursting with loud families or partying high school leavers, but it’s more than possible. It’s all about knowing where to look. If you have decided to travel on a whim, just be sure your luggage is reliable before heading off. If you need to update, get some ideas by looking at luggage specialists like Bags To Go online. This website can give you some ideas for the types of suitcases and bags you might like to take on your trip.

Here are five glorious holiday destinations for over 50s.


1. Italy

People have been known to travel to Rome, fall in love with it, and never return. Rich in culture and in history, Italy is truly one of the most enthralling countries to visit, and it’s not just Rome that confirms this. The open spaces of Turin, the canals that make up Venice, and the chronicle of Pompeii are all part of its success as a holiday destination. With plenty to see, as well as plenty of reasons to stay put, Italy is a must-visit.

2. England

Aside from the appealing fact that it is an English-speaking country, England provides its visitors – both young and old – with loads to do. From museums to cathedrals to the home of the royal family, you’ll never be short of impressive sights and energetic vibes.


3. Austria

Austria is a magical place; it’s like being in a fairy tale. If you need a specific reason to visit, consider taking the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg. Whether or not you are a fan of the film, this tour will give you an entire day of breathtaking landscapes and fascinating behind-the-scenes trivia.

4. Thailand

If you seek a more exotic spot, Thailand can provide both a warm climate and a warm welcome. The people are friendly, the islands are heavenly, the street markets are vast, and the food is extraordinary, all of which contribute to its reputation as being a truly joyous location. On top of this, its ancient temples and landmarks might also strike your interest.


5. Portugal

Portugal is considered to be one of the most serene places in Europe. With plenty of nice restaurants, quiet beaches, and unyielding tradition, you’ll have no trouble relaxing because everyone else will be doing the same.

Believe it or not, there has never been a better time to travel over 50 than right now. Just watch Mamma Mia or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and you’ll understand why this might be. Indeed, the over 50s age group is one of the best age groups in which to travel, because you’re typically travelling at a pace that allows room for dedicated sightseeing and relaxation. There is no longer the obligation to jump from place to place in an eager rush, because you have likely experienced enough of the world to appreciate the value of a slow-and-steady race.

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