How to Save Money When You Ship Internationally

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If you charge sky high shipping rates, then it’s more than likely that you’ll struggle to attract customers to your business. After all, customers want the best value for money, and that means that many are actively looking for low shipping costs. As a business, there’s a lot that you can do to lower your shipping costs. In this post we take a look at them.

Lower Parcel Size

Most courier companies will charge a shipping rate based on the size and weight of your item. The weight of the item is something that you cannot really control, but you probably can limit the size of the parcels you send – and potentially save a fortune in the process.

Ensure that your items do not have any unnecessary packaging when you ship them, as every centimetre counts. In addition, don’t over package your items. Although you’ll need a buffer to ensure that the item isn’t damaged during transport, you shouldn’t need much unless it’s glass or something very fragile, so limit this.

Every little bit of space you can save will save you money, so always ask yourself: “is all this packaging really necessary?”


Consider Longer Timeframes

In addition, consider economy services rather than express ones. When your parcel stays in the UK, it’s likely that the difference between economy and express services will only be a couple of pounds, but this price difference is magnified when you ship abroad.

So, you need to weigh up what’s more important for your customers: speedy shipping or cheap delivery. Many will always side with cost.

Use A Specialist Service

Finally, consider whether your current courier is up to scratch. You may be getting charged over the odds by your current courier because they don’t have the knowledge, infrastructure, and staffing levels to succeed.

As a result, It can often be cheaper to use an expert who can keep the aforementioned costs low because of their expertise. Most sites can now give you instant quotes for parcels you want to send to France or other places on the continent, such as Parcel2go. So, try several quotes like this to see how your current courier measures up.

To conclude, saving on shipping fees is essential if you’d like to attract new customers to your business. However, doing so is quite simple. Just follow the above tips and you’ll start cutting your costs in no time.

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