3 Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Really Love

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Do you know someone who’s moved houses recently? As we all know, moving is a major life event that brings with it a lot of stress and exhaustion. If you have a close friend or family member that’s moved, chances are you will want to buy them a housewarming gift they will actually love. It can be hard thinking of the perfect gift, so I’ve come up with three suggestions which I’m sure will please even the fussiest people. Here are three housewarming gifts your friends will really love and actually use!

1. An Espresso Machine
Many people are completely obsessed with coffee, myself included. It’s worked it’s way into many people’s morning routines and has become a bit of a necessity, rather than a luxury. The truth is that paying for coffee out every day can become very expensive, that’s why an at home espresso machine is the perfect housewarming gift for a coffee lover. There are a variety of different machines at different price points, ensuring there’s something out there for every budget. This makes a wonderful gift because it turns your friends kitchen into their own private mini cafe. Your friend can learn how to perfect the art of a latte and also can learn how to make your favourite coffee exactly how you like it. Check out Anthony’s Espresso for a great range of machines that I’m sure you will love!

2. A Wine Gift Pack
Wine is one of those timeless and elegant gifts you can give that you know is going to be well received. Your friends can save the wine for a special occasion, or they can choose to open it right then and there to enjoy with you. I love giving wine as a gift because it’s a little bit romantic without breaking the bank. I often feel overwhelmed in a bottle store trying to find the perfect bottle, so prefer to shop for wine online. Not only do you find great deals, but I can also take my time to easily read the descriptions of each wine to guess which I’ll love the most. Click here to see what wonderful wine pack options are available in your area.

3. A Homemade Meal
When you’re dealing with the chaos of a move chances are you haven’t had any time to head to the grocery store to get food supplies. That’s why preparing a homemade meal that can be easily heated up in the oven is such a thoughtful gift. This is a wonderful idea if you’re also welcoming new neighbours your area. It’s a lovely way to say “welcome to your new home” without spending too much money or effort. Think meals that everyone loves, like Mac and cheese or lasagna. If cooking isn’t your jam or this makes you feel a little stressed, you can also grab them a voucher or two for a fast food restaurant nearby. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the gesture!

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