Tips for Staying in Touch With the Younger Generation

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As we age, we sometimes feel that we have lost connection with the young ones – and together with them with our “younger selves” as well. Believe it or not though, keeping in touch with the “young generation” is far easier than you think – and yes, using those “modern gadgets” is something basically anyone can learn. As long as you are open to new things and as long as you are really eager to keep yourself connected to the people you love, anything’s possible.

How to stay in touch with the “young and the restless”? Here are some tips that may help you out.

smartphone-407152_1280Facebook and the Social Media

If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, create one. It’s free, it’s fun and it will allow you to keep in touch with the loved ones even if they live on the other side of the Earth. The main benefit that comes with Facebook (and all social media, really) is that you can know what your children and grandchildren are doing, you can see pictures of them and you can leave them messages even if they are not online at a particular time. Even more than that, as you get the taste of it, you will discover that the social media (when used “the right way”) is not even by far as “evil” as some need to portray it. Who knows? Maybe you will “stumble upon” your high school classmates as well! These days, everyone’s on Facebook and the social media!

Buy a Smartphone

Not a very expensive one – just a smartphone that will allow you to stay in touch with your loved one when you are on the go. The main advantages that come with investing in a smartphone is that there are really a lot of things you can do with it: you can take pictures of yourself and send them to your relatives within seconds, you can stay in touch even if you are on a holiday and you can even entertain yourself. Plus, it provides you with great organizational tools – such as applications that offer you the opportunity to plan your day, to create shopping lists and so on.

video_chat_1Install a Videochat Software Application

The Internet these days is better than ever – and this means that you can connect faster and in a higher quality. With the emergence of good Internet, a lot of videochatting software applications have been developed as well. The main good thing about them is that you can see (and be seen by) your children and grandchildren without paying anything at all. Yes, you read that right, using a videochat software is completely free of charge as long as your loved ones install it as well.

There are many other ways to stay in touch with the “younger generation”. Picking up a hobby, learning how to play videogames and even reading the same books they read will help you connect better. There’s no such thing such as an “age gap” if you don’t want it!

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