How Airbnb Can Save You Money

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Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys and greatest adventures. You’re heading off somewhere new, learning to navigate new streets while enjoying new sights and sounds. Most of us would like to travel more than we can afford to, so anything that can save us money while traveling is something I’m always keen to investigate. Recently Schofields Insurance surveyed over 1000 travellers over the age of 18 to see where they stay when they’re traveling alone. An impressive 44% stated that they have used Airbnb, and there’s a ton of reasons why this is a great way to lower your travel costs. Of the people who said they had used an Airbnb before, almost 75% stated it was to avoid extra fees. Interested in more facts about how people are traveling differently, read more here. These are my top ways that Airbnb can save you money:

1. Less Extra Charges
Hotels can really pack on the extra charges when you stay there. There’s extra fees if you want an extra person or child in the room, fees for cots, fees for parking, fees for Internet. They can add up quickly and your affordable hotel room can easily become very expensive. People like to use Airbnb because they are upfront about fees when you’re booking. You also have the ability to negotiate with the host, especially if you’re staying for a few days or longer, ensuring a cheaper stay especially for longer visits.

2. You Can Share to Save
Many Airbnbs are private homes or apartments where you can rent the entire thing to yourself. This is perfect for families, or couples who prefer a little more privacy when traveling. However, if you want to really lower your travel expenses, you can opt to rent just a room in a house or apartment, meaning shared spaces such as the kitchen and living room will be shared either with the home owner or other guests. This can be particularly great if you’re traveling alone and want the privacy of your own room, but would also like to be social and meet new people. This option is generally a lot cheaper than renting the entire home.

3. You Can Cook
Most, but not all, Airbnbs will have kitchens meaning you can prepare things at home. I love eating out, especially when I travel, but after a few days of eating out for every meal I start to feel sick. That’s why I love to have a kitchen when I travel, even if it’s just to prepare a healthy breakfast and snacks to take out with me. It’s also a great way to save money because eating out can be one of your biggest expenses when traveling.

Airbnb can be a great way to travel, live like a local and best of all cut down your travel costs. Have you used Airbnb before? What did you think? I’d love to hear in the comments below:

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