Retiring soon? Time to take a flight

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Retirement is on the horizon, your pension pot is over-brimming and you’ve got flights in your sights – but where should you travel?

Indeed, that youthful idea of the gap year should be tackled at any age. And while you’re probably not into the raucous extremes of an 18-30 holiday, there are ways to travel that will nourish your noodle and let you lounge on sunlit beaches in quiet, calming resorts.

With that in mind, we’ve tried to find some perfect holiday destinations for you to enjoy. Jetting off from Gatwick Airport, we’ve dropped our car off at the Gatwick meet and greet, booked a few flights at random and headed for more exotic climes.

What did we find?



Tokyo – a glimmering, neon-lit super city with a packed population and more futuristic lightshows than Blade Runner, there’s a near-endless supply of things to do in this metropolis.

For an ace view of the city, head over to the Tokyo Sky Tree, the world’s tallest tower. But be sure to get there early – being one of the most in-demand attractions on the market, it’s got queues around the block.

For a more cerebral experience, why not head to Jimbocho Book Town, an area offering more than 10 million books and 180 second hand bookshops. It’s a bibliophile’s fantasy. And what better insight into a culture is there than its populace’s reading habits?


“Welcome to Miami!” rapped Will Smith on the song Miami – and the sunny sound of that track sums up the city perfectly.

As you lizard it up in the scintillating heat, why not take in the grand ol’ American sport of baseball? At Marlins Park, you’ll be able to watch local team the Miami Marlins hit a home run, with a hot dog in one hand and an extra-large soda in the other. God bless America!

But the real residents of Miami love nothing more than chillaxing by their expansive sun kissed beach. There’s an endless variety of cafes, restaurants and workout zones by the waterfront, so take in some sun and enjoy the ride.



A beloved haunt of British expats, Doha is a paradise of sand, sunlight and more attractions than you can shake a sheik at.

That doesn’t mean it’s all about the old culture. The Mahaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art is packed with new and interesting takes on the Arabian art scene.

If you want to simply chill out, hit the Doha Golf Course for luxury putting and marvellous views. You’ll be free to roam the greens at your leisure, breathe in the sunlit air and see if you can pot that perfect hole-in-one.

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