How to Plan a Summer Road Trip

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There’s nothing quite like an amazing summer road trip to really make your summer perfect. Even if you don’t have time for a week long vacation, you can still take a two or three day break and drive somewhere cool. Sometimes it’s great to just get out on the open road for a few days and go where the wind blows you. Here’s how to plan one amazing summer road trip to make memories for a lifetime.


Map It Out

If you’re wondering which state is best for summer road trips – have no fear. Once you figure out how many days you want to road trip, you just gotta map it out. Think about what you’re interested in and what activities you might want to do along the way. For instance, Texas has a few natural watering holes to swim so you could do a road trip around that. Maybe you like history and want to visit battlegrounds. Google some cool places to visit in the state you live, or a state close to you and start mapping your summer road trip.


Bring All The Snacks

Non-perishable foods are amazing when it comes to long drives and summer road trips. While you might be tempted to pack a cooler of cheese things that don’t spoil easy are way more economical for your cool drive. Crackers, cookies, nuts, fruit like apples and grapes are good, trail mix, carrot sticks – all the snacks that will survive in an 8 to 12 hour driving window without requiring refrigeration.


Get Spontaneous

The best part about summer road trips – you don’t have to be on a schedule. You can stop at the big ball of twine or go explore the Dinosaur World you’ve passed a hundred times. You might not be able to make every spot you map out, so that’s why it’s best to pick things of interest along the way, but not really schedule them. That way if you pass some cool caverns or a park, you can just do that if you want instead.


Take Breaks

This is especially great for those who love their water or tasty beverages. Road trips are all about getting out and doing a little exploring, so it’s cool to take breaks. You’re not on a super-tight time schedule or you shouldn’t be. Take a break or two at cool rest areas and take a walk. Find a short trail to explore or park. Your break doesn’t have to be traditional. It can be anything you want it to be as long as it’s outside the car.

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