Top Travel Tips for a Fun, Stress Free Holiday

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I’ve always loved to travel, and I have no plans to slow down. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that travelling is becoming more exhausting. Instead of getting excited about many trips, I find myself thinking about how much I hate packing or wondering how bad the lines will be at the airport.

For this reason, I’ve stopped taking long trips, and instead I’m taking shorter, sweeter mini-vacations. I think I’ve finally upped my travel game and I’m beginning to enjoy travelling much more, so here are my top travel tips:

Take a transfer

Sure, exploring a new city is exciting, but the actual effort involved in getting from my apartment to a hotel in a new country can seem exhausting. Not only do I need to get myself and my bags to the airport and deal with check in and security, but after the flight I need to get to my hotel, which can be a huge pain if I arrive late at night or after a long flight.

The answer? Airport to hotel transfers. Honestly guys, once you try these you’ll never go back to public transport or surly taxi drivers again.

Now I arrive, pick up my bag, and get straight into a car which is waiting for me at the airport. One smooth, air-conditioned ride later and I’m at my hotel, and just a few minutes away from a relaxing shower.

Pack light(er)

Ok, I still haven’t mastered this completely. But I have noticed that the more I take with me, the more stressful my travel experience is. I hate being lugged down by a heavy backpack in the airport as I try to get around baggage fees, and waiting for the baggage carousel can be annoying.

While I still don’t travel carry-on as much as I should, simply cutting down the amount I take with me is a great way to reduce stress. Plus, it leaves more room in my suitcase for shopping.

Bring the Essentials

When traveling you need to make sure you have your essentials ready like first aid kit, beauty products and passport/money case so that you do not stress on it in case you might need it. It will be handy if you have things that you might need already in hand so that when you explore the place you are already geared up for the what ifs and yeah – don’t forget the sunscreen!

Stay central

When you look at hotel prices, it can be tempting to stay out of the central city where prices are much cheaper. But traveling in and out on public transport each day is boring and annoying for the most part. Not only are you wasting precious travel time, but all these trips can add up and cost the same as it would to stay more central anyway.

Since I’m now taking much shorter trips, I always try to stay as central as I can. Location really is everything, and I’ve never once complained that my hotel is “too central”.

Eat cheap

If you’re on a budget, consider eating your main meal for lunch instead of dinner. Many restaurants will have great lunch deals, where you can get a slightly smaller portion for half the price. Or head to the supermarket and stock up on breakfast or brunch food so you can at least have your first meal of the day without spending too much money.

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