Top Places to Visit After Retirement

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Once you’ve retired, the world is your oyster. You can travel for as long as you like, having incredible experiences, and meeting interesting people.

But some destinations are simply better than others. Here are some of the top places to visit after retirement:


New Zealand

New Zealand may involve a long flight, but this is a destination best visited after retirement-when you have plenty of time to appreciate this country’s charms. Try to spend at least a month in each island, hire a campervan, and simply go wherever your mood takes you. Along with the chance to be a little adventurous, New Zealand is a great place for those who like wine and good coffee, as well as those who can appreciate the scenery which made the country famous in Lord of the Rings.

Florida, USA

There’s a reason why so many retirees move to Florida, and you’ll find it affordable, with a great climate, and plenty to do. Explore the Everglades, work on your tan, and be sure to visit the theme parks (you’re only as old as you feel, remember?)



This country may seem a little strange, but there is so much to see in Guatemala, that you’ll be surprised. Americans are increasingly giving Costa Rica the cold shoulder, and moving to Guatemala where you’ll find culture, good food, the chance to practice your Spanish, and a great climate.

Las Vegas

Many people mistakenly believe that Las Vegas is a city for the young. On the contrary, it makes an excellent place to visit after retirement, when you can take the time to see more than the bars and casinos, and enjoy the shows, buffets, and outdoors around the city. Playing Blackjack here is a good way to practice for your Vegas trip, and be sure to splurge on a great hotel on the strip.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is a haven for expats, and if you’re looking for an easy place to spend a few months without going bankrupt, Thailand is the place to go. Chiang Mai makes an excellent base, with a mild climate since it’s higher in the mountains and an international airport so you can base yourself here and then spend some time exploring Southeast Asia.

For a couple of dollars you can treat yourself to an excellent curry and a smoothie, and you’ll find the Thais to be warm, welcoming, and well used to foreigners.


Spain is a great destination for older travellers, and the warm climate and laid back lifestyle make it a favourite amount travellers of all ages. Almost 30% of the population speaks English here, making life easier if you’re not great at Spanish, and the excellent transport links for the rest of Europe make the perfect choice.

There’s also that great tradition of a mid-day siesta, so you can catch up on some sleep in hottest part of the day without feeling like the day is wasting away-when in Spain!

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