Concessionary travel in the UK

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As we get older and retire, money can become tight. Without our regular monthly income, we often have to take care of the pennies a lot more than we used to — but this doesn’t mean we have to start living a quiet life.

In fact, with more free time on our hands, we can get out there and explore even more. And, thanks to concessionary travel, we can do it for even less.


Concessionary bus pass

Travelling by bus is a really convenient option, with many routes connecting the UK’s cities and towns with more rural locations. If you have reached state pension age or have a certain disability, you could be eligible for a concessionary bus pass. Provided by your local council, the pass allows you to travel for free across the UK on selected services.

While the availability may vary across different operators, free travel is widely available on Stagecoach buses across England, Scotland and Wales. To find out more about how to apply for your pass, visit the Stagecoach site.


Senior railcard

Train travel is notoriously expensive, unless you book your tickets well in advance. Those over 60 are eligible for a senior railcard. With it, you can enjoy as much as a third off standard and first class anytime, off-peak and advanced train tickets.

The card itself costs £30 for a year but, when you consider the benefits, it will quickly pay for itself. Whether you’re enjoying a weekend away or visiting family across the UK, it’s well worth considering this option.

To find out more about how to apply for a senior railcard, visit the official website online now.

Concessionary travel offers so many possibilities, freeing up cash that could be better used elsewhere. We strongly advise that you check if you are eligible — who knows how much you could save!

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