Why You Should Visit France in 2016

If you’re considering traveling to Europe this year, France should definitely be your top choice. Along with the most romantic city in the world, there are so many other incredible cities just waiting to

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Concessionary travel in the UK

As we get older and retire, money can become tight. Without our regular monthly income, we often have to take care of the pennies a lot more than we used to — but this

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Decoding common dress codes

Whilst it can be nice to get out and about, the issue of dress codes can present something of a headache for anyone who wants to make sure that they fit in seamlessly to

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Keep Active when you’re 50 or over: Hiking

Staying healthy and active when you’re 50 and over can sometimes be a challenge. However, once you find something you enjoy this becomes considerably easier. Although Hiking is popular amongst adrenaline thirsty youngsters, it

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Cruising Tips for the Over 50s

Cruises are one of the best ways to see the world, especially if you’re getting a bit older and you want to see lots of places but you don’t want the hassle of checking

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Care in the Community: Transport Resources

For all mobility rehabilitation patients, adjusting to their new life takes some time and effort, that with an assistant’s help, is ultimately beneficial for them and their family. It can take a little creative

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